Merchandise for Sale at College Hill Coffee
Coffee Beans 
We have a wide selection of single origin and gourmet flavored coffee beans. They are purchased by weight and can be ground or whole bean.
French Roast Dark Roast/Full Bodied  
Bolivia Organic Fair Trade Med Roast/Smooth 
Kenya AA Dark Roast/No Bitterness  
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Med.-Dark/Earthy  
Organic Honduran Fair Trade Med.-Dark/Flavorful  
Papua New Guinea Organic Med./Clean 
Organic Peru Med. Roast/Mild Flavor  
Columbia Supremo Light Roast/Mild Flavor  
Bali Blue Moon Organic Dark Roast/Bright 
Almond Windmill Cookie, Blueberry Cobbler, Caramel Rum Crunch, Cinnamon Chip, Creme Brulee, Coconut Cream, French Vanilla, Hazelnut, Mexican Chocolate, Jamaica Me Crazy, Southern Pecan, Tiramisu, French Apple Crumb Cake.
Decaffeinated Regular
Decaf French Roast Dark Roast  
Decaf Seattle Blend Dark Roast  
Decaf Sumatra Medium Roast  
Decaf Columbia Light Roast 
Decaffeinated Flavored-$15/lb
Creme Brulee, French Apple Crumb Cake, Hazelnut, Jamaica Me Crazy, Mexican Chocolate, Southern Pecan, Vanilla Nut
Teas-Loose Leaf and Stash Tea Bags
Loose tea is purchased by weight.
0.125 lb. $2.50
0.25 lb. $5.00
0.50 lb. $10.00
Stash teabags acn be purchased by:
Individual bag for $.50
Box of 18 for $4.25
Loose Leaf Tea Flavors
 Apricot Brandy, Black Currant, Cranberry Orange, Elderberry, Fancy Tropicana, Green Chai, , Mango, Raspberry, Sweet Cinnamon Orange, and Many Many More
Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans
Delicious roasted coffee beans covered in dark chocolate. Packed with caffeine.
Sold by weight:
$.75 per Ounce
$11.00 per Pound
David Rio Chai Tea
Tiger Spice. Elephant Vanilla, Tortoise Green, Flamingo Vanilla Decaf, Orca Spice.
Single Serving packs $1.30
14.5 oz. Canister $10.50
Tea Pots
Cute Ceramic Tea Pots in a variety of fun colors
2 Cup $6.50
3 Cup $10
2 Cup with Ceramic Infuser $10
College Hill Coffee T-Shirts with the logo and Winfield, KS on the front left side and College Hill Coffee on the Back.
Short Sleeve $12.50
Long Sleeve $15.00
Torani Syrup
750ml. Bottle of Italian Syrup to add to your coffee at home or make delicious Italian Sodas. Many flavors to chose from.
Regular sweetened with pure cane sugar $9.99
Sugar Free sweetened with Splenda $10.99
College Hill Coffee Cookbooks
Tried and True          $10.00 plus tax   
Classic Recipes         $10.00 plus tax
We can Ship orders-Postage&Handling added
Simple e-mail request to: