A message to our CHC friends

College Hill Coffee Friends:

College Hill Coffee was founded on the goal of providing a place for people to gather. Where everyone is welcome and relationships are formed and strengthened between those who gather here. Within these walls we have laughed, we have worked, we have cried, we have hugged and we have prayed. We hope to continue with our goal for years to come, but we need to be smart and proactive in these times. COVID-19 is a reality. It is not a choice but rather an obligation to prioritize the health of those in our community that are at a higher risk. Social distancing is the key.

College Hill Coffee is not closing. Business will just be different during this time. As a small local business we also have an obligation to our fantastic employees. We want to keep them working, to keep their paychecks coming and to keep our community strong. It is our plan to keep providing delicious food and drink to our community.

Here is how business at CHC will look with social distancing in place.

The inside dining area, ordering area and pick up area will be closed to regular foot traffic.
Call us at 620-229-8155, Facebook message us or email us at chcwinfield@gmail.com. We will be accepting orders with payment by credit/debit card over the phone. Orders can be picked up on our north porch and we will be offering free delivery within the city of Winfield as well.
No employee will be allowed to come to work for a minimum of two weeks if they have been in a high risk area or if they are showing any signs of illness themselves.
If you have a reservation already in place at College Hill Coffee we will continue to honor that. We ask that you enter and leave through the east door, near the ramp. Please do not come if you are not feeling well or if you are in compromised health.
We will gladly accept gift card orders. We can keep the gift cards at CHC for you to use with call in orders during this time, you can pick them up later or we can mail them to you.
Business hours will continue as usual. 6:30 am til 6:30 pm Monday through Friday. Saturday 7:30 am – 3 pm.

Please join us in doing all we can to reduce the spread of COVID-19 and to extend a thank you to all of our health care workers. Please support our decision to practice social distancing by closing our building to usual traffic. We appreciate your support through placing carry out orders and delivery orders. None of us know how long we will need to practice social distancing. We are implementing these practices as of Monday March 16th. We will keep you updated as things continue to change, and we hope that by giving this virus its space through social distancing the results will be better health for us all. What we do, or don’t do, will have a great impact.

Looking forward to gathering with all of you within our walls very soon.

With love and gratitude,
Blenda Hoskinson